Hey There!

We are PlayThis, a german Indie Games Studio with the goal of producing high quality Indie games with fresh and new ideas.

Founded in 2018 by two former students with a bachelor’s degree in Game Design.


Our current project is named “SirViWhale” is a Point and Click Survival Adventure, which takes place inside a whale. The players challenge is to survive with one out of ten characters in this crazy environment and finally to escape. On his journey he has to manage limited acces to loot and space, build a base and develop an exit strategy. At some point of his adventure the player will meet a random NPC, with whom he will have to share his new home. Also he can talk to him, build special items to entertain his guest and if everything goes well he can unlock the NPC as a playable character for the next round.

The Team


Max Wittig

  • CEO
  • 3D Art

Tobias Finger

  • Programming
  • Bughunting

Fiona Gundermann

  • 2D Art
  • Whale Coordination

Luisa Voß

  • Character Design
  • Beast Taming

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We receive a lot of help and support from the Coworkit in Solingen, Germany. They also got us our very first office as part of a scholarship and we are very grateful for that.

Located in Solingen in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, we are happy to be a member of games.nrw!

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