About us

We are PlayThis, a german Indie Games Studio with the goal of producing high quality Indie games with fresh and new ideas. Founded in 2018 by two former students with a bachelor’s degree in Game Design. We are currently developing an indie game in a survival setting – further informations to be announced first quarter of 2019.

We also like bad jokes – likes this.. this is a bad joke.

The Team

Max Wittig

Max Wittig

Game Designer / 3D Artist

Max studied Game Design (B.Sc) at the MDH Düsseldorf, focusing on 3D Design and Level design. As founder of PlayThis he cares full time for the company and its products. He is particularly interested in retro and indie titles but plays any kind of video games from shooters to point 'n' click adventures or MMORPGs – it doesn't matter what genre, as long as he's having a good time!

Tobias Finger

Tobias Finger

Game Designer / Programmer

Like Max, Tobias graduated from the MDH Düsseldorf with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and focuses on programming and balancing. He likes indie games with thoughtful narratives - the more complex it is, the more he will love it. Besides playing video games, he loves spending time with his family and his cat.

Luisa Voß

Luisa Voß

3D / Character Artist

As a former student of Game Design at the MDH Düsseldorf (B.Sc), she will complete the team with her knowledge of 3D Design and her development of 3D Characters. She will have a part time position in the team, creating and designing characters for our projects.

Maria Langen

Maria Langen

2D / Concept Artist

Maria now works as a 2D and Concept Artist, after successfully graduating from the MDH Düsseldorf like Max and Tobias with a Bachelor of Science in the subjects stated above. Even though she will just be a part time employee at PlayThis, she works with full commitment for the projects.

Fiona Gundermann

Fiona Gundermann

Trainee / 2D Artist

Fiona is a student at MDH Düsseldorf, studying Game Design with a focus on 2D Design. She will be our intern for six months.


A survival game inside a whale? What could possibly go wrong!

We have been silent for a long time and scattered only the smallest clues, now we want to tell you what we are working on: Our game is a survival game – nothing exciting, you might think – but it takes place inside a whale. With that, we consciously go against the trend of open […]

Our #Beansjam entrie “Melanclownie”

We took part in the 48h #Beansjam, hosted by Rocketbeans.tv. Our contribution “Melanclownie” came out pretty nice and runs surprisingly well – even if there is a big bug. If you want to take a look at it you can download it here: playthis.itch.io/playthisgames We are glad for any kind of feedback and hope you […]

Have a nice day!

Since fall is surprisingly warm these days, here is a picture to relax, including a tiny hint to what we are currently working on. This handsome guy was drawn by Fiona.

Office and Trainee

Great news! We officially moved to our office in the Coworkit Solingen and arranged our complete equipment! Also another great news is that we welcome our trainee Fiona for the next half year. She will support us in 2D Art for Concepts, UI and Artworks!

Contact Us

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At the moment we receive a lot of support and help from the Coworkit based in Solingen, North Rhine Westphalia Germany where we currently have our office. ”coworkit_logo”