A survival game inside a whale? What could possibly go wrong?

We have been silent for a long time and scattered only the smallest clues, now we want to tell you what we are working on:

Our game is a survival game – nothing exciting, you might think – but it takes place inside a whale. With that, we consciously go against the trend of open world sandbox games, not because we dislike them, but because we want to dare something new, not been there yet. The game is supposed to be played as a Point and Click Adventure, but we are already working on controller support.

The focus is primarily on the survival aspect – food, loot, crafting – everything the survivor’s heart desires! But, of course, you will also have to interact a lot with your living environment and take care of it. Here is a hand in rescource management needed to live in harmony with the environment!

But do not worry, you wont have to be alone on this adventure, random NPC’s will accompany you on your way. And you may need them, because living in a whale is not easy, especially when there are random events that make it even harder, or perhaps simplify it. If you are particularly skilled, you can free yourself up to the NPC’s and dare with them a new attempt to survive in the greedy abyss. Of course we have a lot more ideas and plans, but more in later posts!

Curious? Then follow us on our social media channels and let us know what you think!

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